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Wheelie Machine and Wheelie Spider - safe simulators to learn basic wheelie skills on motorcycle of any class and category.

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Everything what is written at this page will help you to reduce the training time and save money. We devided training process into three stages:

1st Stage

"Clutch squibbing ". It’s recommended not to start learning to zoom at the rear wheel using gas. This lifting technique is really dangerous because everything is happens at a pretty high speed. The rising-up-into zoom technique at the Wheelie machine is honed in a matter of minutes. As a result the pilot is working out motility skills which lead to synchronicity, jink and precision movements. When each attempt is successful and rising up is in the preset rev area you can go over the next stage.

2nd Stage

"Catch the angle". At the beginning you have to get the hang of correct body positioning at the uprising moment. 

Most common missteps at this stage are:

  • Constant efforts of straining after the tank 
  • Right leg is located beside the rear brake clutch 
  • Left leg is in such a position that when zooming the pilot involuntary shifting gears into the idle position, as a consequence motorbike rod immediately will go down which can cause crash. 

When you perceive and correct all of these children mistakes, next step is to get used to the angle. It will take time to adjust to this unusual position. When you give over frightening and start feeling quite comfy, it needs to keep in mind base balance points. To develop equilibrioception you need to experience aeriality of bike at the balance point. Also you need to notice critical angle points; for example, I’m orienting at the dashboard position or top edge of the windscreen relatively to eye level which is really helpful to me.

To get more benefits at less time you need to have an experienced trainer by your side. Wheelie machine is a safety simulator but just a qualified trainer can explain how to do everything right and what need to be paid attention to bring the learned techniques into the real-life.

3d Stage

"Rear brake". This stage is far more complicated than the first ones and usually requires more than one workout. It’s really hard to explain in words the angle control process by the rear brake; you need to gain this experience. If serious stuntriding practice is outside of your short-range plans then you don’t need to master rear brake control to observe the necessary balance with no-hands at 4 thousand idle speed. It’s fair enough to understand that you can simply slow down the rise up without cutting gun completely. In reality when pilots having a sudden flutter of scare, they cut the gun in a clap due to what fore wheel is slumping.

Rear brake skill could be useful when accelerating also. There are many hazards when driving «in a right» angle the bike can be thrown on the rough road or swung in the wind off an oncoming vehicle, for example, or leaving on open space. In such bad scenes rear brake skill is what it’s worth. So it’s better to take necessary time mastering it.