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Wheelie Machine and Wheelie Spider - safe simulators to learn basic wheelie skills on motorcycle of any class and category.

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Wheelie Machine 1.0

Our first installation was unique in Moscow that’s why it struck the eye directly. We provided our machine to the experts of the Moto magazine after the professional riders of Stunt Crew successfully tested it and shortly thereafter have purchased it for the motor school. The test drive took the place in the R1 club. Journalists were so fascinated that burned down the clutch but nevertheless they have been very positively impressed.

Wheelie Machine 2.0

Despite of the first pancake was not lumpy, practice makes perfect. When building up the second motorcycle we took into account all the drawbacks of the first design as followed:

  • Wheels have been transferred into encasement for portability and design aesthetics;
  • Design was significantly lightweighted without loss of stiffness and confidence;
  • Some changes were put into calculations, also mechanism was upgraded; 
  • The axle attachment was substantially improved to fix motorcycle safety and make it more comfy;
  • Blowing system was improved so it completely imitates approach flow effect and performs all the desired functions. 

The installation exceeded all the expectations. Motor school from Kuban have bought it in one month. Here it is:

When the installation was in service we have detected some of the drawbacks which have been eliminated in the third version.

Wheelie Machine 3.0

We have manufactured the third Wheelie machine upon the request of a newcomer stunter from Moscow. Unfortunately we had to increase the timescale manufacturing as it supposed to make modifications and add convenient and useful devices.

What has been done:

  • We have changed the running-out moment on a wheel due to that we reached the more real-to-life motorbike behavior.
  • We succeed in lightening the weight of the installation a bit more. 
  • We added a rack with a spring assembly which eases-off motorcycle fork seals and enables soft touchdown. Also this rack allows you to pull out the motorbike to the corner. 
  • We add a tool and components box so now all the necessary accessories for the Wheelie machine maintenance are at your arm length.
  • We added two space adjusting positions in between wheels mounting crutch for easier fixation of motorcycles with a wide axis of pendulum.
  • Also we put into usage more powerful and efficient ventilator blowers.

Wheelie Machine 4.0

Our fourth installation is portable at two axis. According to the Wheelie machine practical experience hiring regularly a scaffold truck for the machine transportation will cost a bundle. The Wheelie machine has been hitched up to the van straightly at the plant and set out on its 1500 km way. Unfortunately we didn’t manage picture of the installation in a built-up condition, that’s why you can see just an assembled construction for transportation. 

We had to change and add a great deal of stuff to make the Wheelie machine portable:

  • The machine fixed at the two axis of 750 kg weight-carrying-capacity each with added trailing equipment and electrics mounted;
  • We set up four lifting jacks which fix and stabilize the installation when butting against the ground not to waggle the Wheelie machine while trainings. That helps to establish it at the appropriate level on any surface;
  • We managed to reduce the frame both on width and length, same as the weight also; 
  • The gripping mechanism became more reliable due to upgrade;
  • Modifications have been made in a graze inertia mechanism once again;
  • We minimized weight and dimensions as well;
  • We provided the reservoir for spare parts and tools;
  • We improved blowing system and add some adjustments;

Wheelie Machine 5.0

The fifth Wheelie machine is upgrade of the forth one and the second version on the base of the trailer. First of all the workmanship distinguishes this model: all the units, mechanisms, hinge, details finishing and coating is fulfilled with handcrafted perfection. And it’s out of question that this is a high-quality complete product which is beating all its counterparts across-the-board, including foreign ones.

The main emphasis is on quality but the product shows discontinuities in design also:

  • Wheels axis are dished closer to the gravity center for easier transportation and rolling. 
  • We braced the units which are subject to wear and main load.
  • Also we added the attachment and storage system of removable parts in knock-down for transportation
  • We provided spacious reservoir for tools, spare and removable parts
  • We modified the mechanism traditionally – so now the bike shoots up to the corner when the pilot is on a tank
  • Radiators mountings are improved due to adjustments and quick assembly and disassembly system
  • The quality has been significantly improved!

Wheelie Machine 6.0

The aim was to improve quality overall. The aim was to improve the quality overall. Better hardware and fasteners are used. Transportation is much more comfortable due to big box under main platform with mounts for fans and spare parts. 

Lighter, more compact and more comfortable:

  • The machine has become significantly lower and more compact due to the vertical displacement of the shaft closer to the axles of the wheels, which also reduced the weight
  • A large trunk is made with a large side hood, which houses all the attachments during transportation: fans, fan racks, starting stand with a spring, additional equipment and tools
  • The side step is made for more convenient movement on machine
  •  Fans mounts became more rigid and quick-detachable
  • A trailer brake is installed, which increases the safety and comfort of transportation, as well as reduces the tractor load on the vehicle

Wheelie Machine 6.1

The last version was principally the same, it is equipped with more powerful fans and weighted 20 kg less. 

All subsequent wheelie machines no longer had any fundamental differences, because this design turned out to be optimal in terms of efficiency, reliability and price.

We can make a custom package for the Wheelie Machine: any color, rims, optics, tow hitch. It is also possible to significantly reduce the weight of the machine by replacing the heavy steel covering, side sheets, fan stems, front wheel springboard, and ramp with similar aluminum parts.