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Book Stuntex Stunt Show for your event, video production or any both offline and online project:

Tel: +7 (962) 958-74-62

Email: info@stuntex.ru


Spectacular bike shows for any event: City Day, corporate party, exhibition, festival, birthday, wedding.

Our professional riders' team will show you stunts that you have not seen even in the movies!

Stunt riding is the most spectacular type of motorcycle sport. All motorcyclists dream of riding on the rear wheel. In our show you will see not only wheelies, but also jumping over the front wheel, flying over a motorcycle, reckless drifting and, of course, the highest skill in motorcycle handling that will impress any spectator.


Almost the entire arsenal of modern professional stunts: kangaroo, superman, powers, stoppie, tornado, baldini, dead spin, various drift, headstand, nohander, burnouts, wheelie combos, watchtower, coaster, scrape, highchair tricks, freeze, arab carousel and etc. We will also show you stunts that we do not perform in competition.


To hold a show, an 30x30 meters area with asphalt or paving stones is sufficient, but the larger the area, the better. To see the bike flying over the front wheel, the rider needs at least 30 meters.

 is also possible to perform indoors on slippery surfaces and off-road, but the range of tricks in this case is limited.


Wide experience of performances in various conditions and the professionalism of our riders allow us to perform a safe show in open areas with no fences, riding next to the spectators. It is possible to perform in the rain and on poor surfaces.

We have an experience in performing tricks on slippery surfaces in hangars, rooms and film spots. It is possible to perform tandem tricks safely with untrained people.


We adapt to any event scenario. We regularly perform on holidays: New Year, Halloween, City Day, themed corporate parties, quests. Our rider Grigory Taldykin worked for a long time in the Zapashny circus as an actor and professional motorcycle stuntman.


Big experience of filming on our youtube channel (1.4 million subscribers), in movies, clips, TV shows, video advertising.

All the riders of the team are regularly filmed for our magazine as proriders and actors. You can find a video with their participation on our youtube channel by name and surname!