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Book Stuntex Stunt Show for your event, video production or any both offline and online project:

Tel: +7 (962) 958-74-62

Email: info@stuntex.ru

The base price for one rider is 700eur. The price depends on the event duration, distance from Moscow, and the team. Two riders are enough for a show.

Book a Bike Show: +7 (962) 958-74-62


One rider performance costs 700 euro per day, within Moscow and the nearest Moscow region. The price includes one rear wheel explosion, and several sessions at the customer's request.

When ordering a show in the regions, the transportation and accommodation are charged additionally.

A perfect show requires two bike riders and one quad rider. Two riders are enough for a full show.

We can invite the FMX team, a commentator, a DJ for music to go with the show, and bring a Wheelie Machine - the price is discussed individually.


We have experience in conducting competitions and sessions. If you are interested in holding your event at a motorcycle festival, we will be happy to help with its implementation. The price is discussed individually.


Our services can be paid both by cash and non-cash transactions.

We accept reservations for specific dates on a prepayment basis, as riders must get this event on their season schedule.