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Wheelie Machine and Wheelie Spider - safe simulators to learn basic wheelie skills on motorcycle of any class and category.

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Welcome to everybody who are learning or just dreaming to experience of Wheelie Machine riding! Before you take a shot of lifting your motorbike up on the rear wheel you will have to find out more about theoretical. You easily can find huge amount of information in the internet regarding this subject, also at our website and youtube channel stuntexru. After getting acquainted with the theory provided you can hire even a Chris Pfeiffer himself as a personal trainer but you will hardly pick up something new about rear wheel riding. 

Alpha and Omega of Wheelie riding is to get over your fear. Self-preservation instinct does not allow you to put all the theoretical knowledge into practice. The lift-over feeling will stop you of raising the fore wheel more than a half meter up for a long time. All the anxious-to-learn Wheelie drivers pass through this. You will have to lift up the bike to the rear wheel and drop it down directly to banish fear and getting closer and closer to the balance point. And while lifting the bike to the balance area pilot is just becoming embarrassed, and being spooked simply has no time to stop the lift with a slight gas throttle. Forget about learning the skill of rear brake operation when the thoughts of falling down and keeping the balance run through your head!

The Wheelie Machine has been invented to ease significantly the beginning stage of learning the rear wheel driving. This installation will help to feel better the motorcycle at the rear wheel. At the same time it helps to develop balance and master rear brake and gas operation in a zoom. Because of lack of damaging yourself or your bike the understanding of process is quite quick. Sometimes you can learn at the Wheelie Machine the things which are hard to get within days of unsafe trainings.


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How long does it take to learn how to balance on a Wheelie Machine? Being honest with you it will take a long time to do it. You will not get the point within 10 minutes drill. In general it takes something around 3 hours to master of keeping balance and it’s not a day-long exercise. You will have to take 5-6 sessions with 30-40 minutes durability each. As an examination I suggest to the trainee to bring the motorbike to the balance point with 4 thousand idle speed and remove hands from the clips-on. If you can maintain the angle handless, by means of rear brake and your own body then you don’t need a Wheelie machine any more. But it doesn’t mean you can become a prof in the course of 3 hours training. During this time you can get the basic skills which are really hard to gain in battlelike conditions. It will significantly ease your trainings on the platform in future and help to avoid crashes which happen with the beginning stuntriders. 

Everyone makes a choice: to learn with or without Wheelie Machine. You can learn the hard way for ages and listen to the worldly-wises advices about rear brake which in 99% you just have no time to use. But we recommend to practice the Wheelie Machine before the first trials of doing wheelie. Even minimal 5-minutes training will give you some kind of process understanding and you will decide for yourself if you need it or not. 

STUNTEX Wheelie Machine is beating all its counterparts as it allows to return the motorcycle from the negative angle back. Behavior physics is realistically oriented to suchlike installations. You could see in a video the pilot is changing the angle with the rear brake and this skill is the goal to achieve.

It’s necessary to mention that while collecting information regarding the Wheelie Machine I faced skeptical opinions of the highly-experienced stunters who keep balance of the rear wheel confidently and work their way of real-life schooling. The thing is that the Wheelie Machine will not give you a real speed sense. Also the exercising on your own bike would be preferable because of various setting. And you should take it for granted. The blowers mounted on the Wheelie Machine cool down the motorcycle engine and you won’t get the desirable sense of speed.

Being toughly clamped the motorbike doesn’t make any side rolling movements which any rider will, trying to master the rear wheel drive at walking pace. Also there’s a popular belief the Wheelie machine can make a pilot too cocky and that may badly affect the live situation. After trainings on the Wheelie machine you will not go ace, you will need to practice. Like any simulator the Wheelie Machine is not 100% comparable to the real road conditions. But there’s no better and safer way to get the basic skills of rear wheel driving.