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Wheelie Machine and Wheelie Spider - safe simulators to learn basic wheelie skills on motorcycle of any class and category.

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1. Can I start from 0 angle on Wheelie Machine?

Yes can, but we don’t recommend, because:

  1. Clutch wears much faster

  2. Usually rider forgets to open the throttle before landing and gets hard hit into the fork.

  3. It’s much harder to help rider raising the front wheel at the beginning.

2. Is Wheelie Machine finally a simulator or an attraction?

Our Wheelie Machine can be used both as simulator and as an attraction. It allows to get basic skills to make wheelie: throttle and clutch control, balancing and braking.

Wheelie Machine is safe, so person can seat on the bike, open throttle, feel the engine and sound, and even try his first wheelie on the motorcycle.

3. Can I make clutch wheelie on Wheelie Machine?

Yes, you can use clutch or throttle to make wheelie.

4. Can I switch gears on Wheelie Machine?

Yes, you can, but gearbox wears much faster.

5. Can I install my own motorcycle on Wheelie Machine?

Yes, if your bake has empty rear axle with holes on both sides.

6. What bike can be installed on Wheelie Spider?

Almost any bike, which has empty rear axle with holes on both sides can be installed.

We have tried different sportbikes, streetbikes and enduro.

7. Can Wheelie Spider be disassembled?

You can remove side arms and wheels to make it more compact.

8. Can I train side balance on Wheelie Spider?

No. If you rise up side wheels, it would be too hard to control side balance because of big weight on the sides.

9. What is more dangerous, Wheelie machine or Wheelie Spider?

Wheelie Spider is more dangerous, as it moves after mistake, but Wheelie Machine is always static.