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About us

Stuntex was created on July 30, 2010 - this is when our Youtube channel was registered, based on which all our other projects are built. Now our channel has more than 2.8 million subscribers from all over the world and 800 million views.

During its history, Stuntex sites were published on four different engines, and are now integrated into one platform.

Stuntex started as a blog dedicated to Wheelie Machine and Stunt Riding with a small range of spare parts for stunt bikes. In the process of development, the blog was filled with content about different classes of motorcycles and types of motorsports. Meanwhile, our store was filled with leading brands of motorbike gear and spare parts for city and off-road riding.



Stuntex.ru is a media site with themed content in two languages (Russian and English) and the best reports from international stunt riding competitions and festivals, which we visit and film personally. We are independent authors, we tell and show what is interesting to us in the first place.


Stuntexshop.ru is a store of spare parts and gear from leading American and European manufacturers, in stock and on request. We select the range of products based on personal taste and preferences.


Stuntexclub.ru is a media store about customizing. Most of the videos are made with our own motorcycles. We install and test components from our store ourselves.

Wheelie Machine

Stuntex.ru/wheelie - we were the first in the country to make effective wheelie training equipment for riding on the back wheel: Wheelie Machine and Wheelie Spider. We consult, train, sell and manufacture on request.


Stuntex.ru/moto-show - for more than ten years we have been cooperating with the best riders in Russia, organizing turnkey events and performing across the country and Europe at various events.


Our video studio houses video production, a store, an office and a workshop. This is where we shoot most of our garage videos for our Youtube channel. You can meet us and chat with us here.

We have our own video production and, accordingly, the rights to all material that is published on the Youtube platform only!

In the history of Stuntex there have been four video studios: in someone's house basement, in a store, in an office and now it's in our own building, which has all the necessary features.


Stuntex is not only the authors of the projects, but also a large team of pro riders, whom you can see on our channel, as well as a small team of professionals involved in the development and content of the site.

One of our three Stuntex representatives is always online:


  • +7 (962) 958-74-62 WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
  • Sales: gear, spare parts, protection, consumables, new motorcycles.
  • Category: enduro, city riding, touring, stunt riding.
  • Concerning: collaborating, production, dealer network, training, enduro tours, wheelie machine, service, maintenance.


  • ‪+7 (968) 804-26-96 WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
  • Sales: gear, spare parts, accessories, consumables.
  • Category: city riding, Harley-Davidson, customizing. 
  • Concerning: project bikes, customization, new Tesla cars, video shooting and editing, service, maintenance.


  • ‪+7 (925) 215-57-04 WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
  • Sales: gear, spare parts, suspensions, electrics.
  • Category: city riding, Harley-Davidson, stunt riding.
  • Concerning: magazine, moto show, video production, design, new Tesla cars, service, maintenance.

We are always available to answer your questions, preferably by phone. Extensive experience of riding, traveling and working in Europe with world class professionals allows us to provide qualified and interesting advice on any Stuntex projects. If necessary, we will contact colleagues, pro riders or manufacturers directly to solve your problem.