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Gold Valve Racetech Fork WR250X

Valve Racetech Gold Vavle emulator is an affordable way to customize the plug individually and add progressive compression. Together with the valve, it is recommended to change the spring selected for the corresponding parameters. This modification significantly increases the effectiveness of the suspension. With the improvement of the brakes, it is a mandatory upgrade that allows you to use them to the maximum.

We already installed a similar valve with a spring in the shock absorber, however, this is a separate article. The shock absorber adjusts the compression and release by selecting the appropriate washers. In the plug, there is only compression, and the hang-up remains standard, and is regulated by blocking the channels due to the rotation of the adjusting screw in the upper plug. Fine adjustment of a release is carried out by selection of oil. Due to the fact that the Racetech valve is customizable, you can save the work of compression at different viscosities of the oil.

Highlights and subtleties when installing the valve

  • To install the valve, it is not necessary to knock out the oil seal and disassemble the tubes.
  • A special tool for unscrewing the damper can be made of plastic pipe.
    When cleaning, it is advisable to unscrew all settings - this will open the ports to the maximum for better purging.
  • After tightening the lock nut on the valve, you must wait 15-20 minutes for the thread lock to dry.
  • When filling the fork leg with oil, Racetech recommends that you completely pull out the outer tube so that there is no space between the outer tube and inner tube, into which it may not fall. In any case, it is better to pump the fork leg and damper as it shown in manual.
  • If there is no grip for the damper rod, it can be pre-tied with a rope in order to pull it out when installing the top plug.
  • When installing the top plug, it is easiest to compress the spring by rotating - as shown in the video.

In general, the procedure is simple, and you can do it without special tools. Different forks use a different number of distance washers and different thrust bushings, but in principle the assembly is no different.

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