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Harley-Davidson Low Rider S Oil Change

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 engines, like all Big Twins, have three isolated oil systems: engine, main gear (primary) and transmission (gearbox). The oil in these systems is changed at different mileage intervals and must be designed specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

  • 00:00 Oil change intervals
  • 00:36 How to drain engine oil
  • 01:02 How to drain the oil from the primary
  • 01:13 How to drain the oil from the gearbox
  • 01:40 Engine oil filter change
  • 02:39 Drain bolt tightening force
  • 02:57 Filling primary
  • 03:29 Filling engine
  • 03:45 Filling gearbox
  • 04:09 Checking the gearbox oil level
  • 04:35 Checking the engine oil level
  • 06:14 Oil change intervals in cold climates

The large volume air-cooled V-Twin overheats, some components experience high shock loads, so the oil should have damping abilities, good anti-corrosion protection, oil seals and gaskets protection, as there are more of them than on other engines. All this places high demands on the oil.

The best choice of oil is a special 20W50 fully synthetic oil that is suitable for all three systems: engine, primary and transmission. The original one is called SCREAMIN' EAGLE SYN3, but all major brands have their analogues.

The manual also recommends semi-synthetic oil H-D360 for the engine only and FORMULA+ transmission oil for the primary and gearbox. The advantages of mineral oils are that when contaminated and water enter, the performance of such oils does not drop as much as that of synthetic oils. Also, they have higher thermal conductivity, so the engine temperature is lower. But the ratings of mineral oils are worse, and they protect the engine worse, especially under extreme loads and overheating.

It is not recommended to mix oils of different brands and viscosity, and it is forbidden to mix fully synthetic and mineral oils in the transmission, as it can lead to bearing wear and gearbox failure.

To change the oil in all three systems, 6 liters are required. The engine oil filter is changed at every oil change.

We recommend checking the engine oil level when the engine is hot. In our experience, such a measurement is more accurate and stable.

You can get a consultation and purchase components for Harley-Davidson motorcycles in our motorcycle shop.

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