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How to Win Winter Supercross


Gennady Zyrin invited us to a night winter motocross in Krylatskoye, Moscow. Gennady showed up in Hobby class B (35+) and aimed for a prize, so we decided to support a colleague and a friend. Supercross is the most spectacular and compact format of racing, and in winter at night it is also very unusual.

All motocross fans will be interested to watch our report from the scene. In addition to beautiful shots from the night route, the video contains useful information and professional secrets.

Congratulations to Gennady on his victory and thank you for the beautiful cup, which is now in our studio!

Turn on the English subtitles and have fun:

  • 0:00 Registration before qualification
  • 5:09 Qualification
  • 6:32 Qualification results
  • 10:10 Why don't they put new studded tires on the race
  • 12:26 What is the good weather for winter racing
  • 13:33 A riddle from Soviet motocrossmen
  • 14:47 What is the optimal pressure in the tires
  • 15:29 Why do we need handlebar covers
  • 17:22 First race
  • 19:37 Results of the first race
  • 21:43 Check-in with the coach
  • 27:02 Motorcycle maintenance during the race
  • 28:13 Forecast for the final race
  • 29:07 What kind of gasoline to pour and how much
  • 29:55 The best studded tires
  • 31:24 The crash of FMX rider Pavel Antonov
  • 32:47 Second final race
  • 35:09 Race results
  • 36:50 Conversation with competitors
  • 39:06 Conversation with a teammate
  • 39:52 Award ceremony
  • 41:29 Unpacking prizes
  • 42:32 Comment of the race organizer

We put a comet, a UFO and a huge moon on the video preview for a reason! We decided to shoot motocross for the first time, it was an unique night race in winter, and Gena took first place - an incredible combination of circumstances! Thanks to everyone who supports and follows our channel. See you on the tracks!

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