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Neken SFH Motorcycle Handlebar

Damping serious bumps and jumps is one of the main requirements for a motocross and enduro. Impact energy is damped not only by energy-intensive long-travel suspensions, but also by soft tires, spoked wheels, a seat and even a frame with a swingarm.

Not only the speed and ease of passing the track, but also the load on the rider's body, his fatigue and health depend on the effectiveness of damping. All the energy that the motorcycle does not damp goes to the muscles and joints of the rider.

The French company Neken produces unique steering damping solutions that significantly reduce the load on the hand muscles and joints.

SFS Air Triple Clamp

SFS (Smooth Feeling System) Air Triple Clamps are equipped with air-cushioned handlebar posts and are common both in motocross due to high jumps, speeds and hard landings, and in enduro due to large vibrations and unexpected bumps.

The dampers suppress both small bumps and hard ones when puncturing the suspension. They are working in the same direction as the fork does, so there is no feeling of play. The high pressure pump can be used to individually adjust the damper stiffness.

SFH Handlebars and Grips

SFH (Smooth Feeling Handlebar) Handlebars have a narrower diameter at the grip attachment points, which allows the use of thick-walled grips. The thick rubber layer not only damps bumps and vibrations better, but also provides better grip. Also, such handlebars allow you to install grips with a smaller outer diameter with the same rubber thickness.

Neken produces grips in three outer diameters: a standard 31mm, a medium 28.5mm and a small 26.5mm.

The standard diameter provides the best damping. Grips are much thicker and softer than standard ones.

The medium diameter is the most popular, because the thinner the handle, the stronger the grip, which means less load on the hand muscles. At the same time, the grip is even softer and thicker than the standard one.

The small diameter is suitable for children and riders with smaller hands. The wall thickness of the grip is the same as the original.

Neken technologies not only reduce the load on the hands, but also reduce the risk of injury. For example, in rehabilitation, it helps to start training faster with less risk of relapse.

The installation of the SFH handlebar is nothing special or difficult, but it is not compatible with standard handguard mounts due to its too small internal diameter. In the video we showed how to install the Cycra Probend HCM handguard.

Neken handlebars and air triple clamps are produced in original sizes for all popular professional motocross and enduro motorcycles. In our store you can get any help, buy and install Neken components, as well as ones from other leading world brands.

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