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Epic Stunt Show France

Here is the compilation of the best moments, stunts and fails from Ouest Bike Show 2022. Ouest Bike Show is the oldest annual European stunt riding festival, which is held in Villeneuve-en-Retz , France in the middle of September. Some events were big international stunt riding competitions, but the 2022 edition was a big stunt show named “Back to Origins” with several special guests.

00:00 Wheelies with rolling sneakers
00:30 High five making the slide with the blocked rear wheel
00:52 Side to side power circles with the out
01:26 Side-to side acrobatic jumps
01:39 Jumping to the wheeling bike from the ground
01:46 Tandem christ 
01:53 Triple tornado on the quad
02:53 Drift car Smart controlled stops
03:12 Drift car Smart stoppie
03:38 Stoppie to burnout
04:13 No hands scrape wheelie
04:23 Drift car 630 rotation
05:00 Hand and knee grab drifting
05:22 One hand burnout launch
05:44 Switchback burnout 
06:08 Spectacular burnout launch between two christs
06:19 Circle wheelie coaster
07:15 Quad drifting on the rear axle
07:24 Quad drifting on the side wheels
07:46 Very long seat down no hands wheelie
08:31 Burnout by grandfather
08:45 Drifting with the rolling sneaker
09:10 No hands wheelie circles
09:24 Rare tandem wheelie with the fall
09:52 Spectacular burnout launches
10:07 Wheelie coaster with the killed engine
10:24 Great quad tandem stunts
12:17 Wheelie circle while holding the girl
12:37 Stoppie kiss
12:45 Very long fake
12:50 Fire stoppie and christ
13:34 Car drifting with sparks and killing the tires
13:51 Night show
15:41 Killing the tire
16:02 Motorcycle jump over the people
17:42 Fire motorcycle stunts
18:46 Epic drift car stunts
19:54 Final

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