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Tuning of Enduro Motorcycle

In this article, we decided to collect all the videos about tuning and modifications of enduro motorcycles from our channel, and the experience of riders with whom we’ve been cooperating for years.

The article is for amateurs, so here you’ll find the necessary modifications that don’t relate to engine tuning, suspensions or extreme weight reduction, as these things are only relevant for professional competitive enduro.

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Motocross Bike vs Enduro Motorcycle Differences
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Motorcycle protection

Protection is the first thing you need to install on a motorcycle, because enduro is about falling. Not a single ride or training is completed without falls.

Radiators protection

The most necessary protection is radiators protection, because radiators deform even after a little fall and they are expensive. Also, you can’t ride the bike if the radiator got punctured and is leaking. 

The best option is a reliable alloy radiator braces. In the video we install Moose Racing protection. The disadvantage of such protection is that a radiator fan from a specific model kit may not fit. It also weighs about one kilo, which does not matter to amateurs.

Защита Радиатора Yamaha WR/YZ450F
25 848
Установка Защиты Радиатора Yamaha WR450F
41 916


The second most important protection is hands protection. It protects not only hands from branches and stones, but also the controls from damage in a fall. We’ve tried different options from simple cheap ones to top CYCRA ULTRA/HCM handguards, and we believe that it’s worth spending money on.

Cycra handguards fit all handlebars and don’t bend in the fall. The shield covers are hard, and you can buy them and other elements separately. Such handguards will outlive the motorcycle.

Neken Handlebar - Cycra Handguards Installation on Yamaha WR450F
67 956
Neken Smooth Feeling Handlebar
10 260

Engine protection

The skid plate is also a very important protection for an enduro motorcycle, it protects not only the engine, but also the frame. All enduros come with a thin plastic guard that works well if you don't have to jump over rocks and logs. We know the cases where the original skid plate on the WR450F was punctured with thick branches.

For hard rides, a long HDPE skid plate with additional linkage arms protector is best. Unlike aluminum, plastic protection does not rattle and slides better over stones and logs. The only advantage of aluminum skid plate is that it has larger front side lobes, which better protect the pump and generator from hitting rocks.

Extra protection

Not all original enduro motorcycles are equipped with brake disc protection, which protects the brake disc from impacts and the caliper from dirt. For riding in forests and fields, such protection is useful, but not necessary. On rocky tracks, it is better to use aluminum protection not to bend the disc.

Of all plastic covers, the most useful ones are for engine: clutch and ignition covers, as you can’t ride if the engine is punctured, for example, by rocks and stones. It's better not to close the clutch cover completely - this worsens cooling, and the clutch can quickly burn out. Betret option for clutch side is a half cover protector.

We install plastic covers of the European brand Polisport. They also produce protections for swingarm, frame, muffler and even plastic – the latter preserves the fresh look of the motorcycle.

Exhaust system

Unlike motocross bikes, enduro has a muffler homologated for public roads with chambers. Such a muffler has a large resistance, so if you need maximum power, you need to install a high flow exhaust pipe.

The cheapest option is the original exhaust from a similar motocross bike. But it has a short tube and muffler and will increase power, but not at low speeds, which is very important for enduro.

The most effective is a complete exhaust system with Megabomb pipe for maximum power at low and mid RPM.

Yamaha WR450F FMF Full Exhaust System
152 458
Раздушка Yamaha WR450F 2021
163 470


The most useful accessories are the front and rear straps that you can use to pull or hold the bike.

The radiator fan is necessary when the engine is running under load but at low speeds, and there is no airflow directed at the radiators, for example: on steep slopes and in the mountains . Most enduro bikes come with a fan, while cross country bikes often don't.

In the video, we installed the TrailTech universal fan kit - such a kit will fit on any radiator. TrailTech manufactures unique fan kits for a wide range of motorcycles. When installing such a kit, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the radiator guard.

Almost all enduros have the headlight, but if not, you can install it. For example, Polisport headlights come with an autonomous battery, which is very convenient if you don't want to do the wiring to the motorcycle battery. Driving at night without a headlight is unreal.

An oversized fuel tank will be useful to anyone who doesn't have enough gas for a ride. Such a tank can fit 2.5-3 liters more fuel.

In the video, we installed an IMS tank on WR450F 2021 - this required the seat modification, but the installation procedure is different on different models.

Not all enduro bikes are equipped with a hydraulic clutch, which has one significant advantage - it doesn't need to be serviced. Another advantage is an easier clutch pulling force.

We compared the clutch force on new Yamaha WR motorcycles with a cable clutch and Magura Hymec hydraulic clutch – the difference was small. On other motorcycles the difference can be significant.

High-quality branded components not only perform better than cheap noname ones, but in the long run they are cheaper because they last longer and can be used on different motorcycles.

Most professional riders and high level amateurs install the same set of parts on their new motorcycle when they get one. For example, Gena Zyrin from our channel has already changed several Honda CRF450R/RX motorcycles, and he uses the one set of old protections and accessories.

In our store you can get any help and purchase any parts for enduro motorcycles. We work with the verified manufacturers: Thor, Cycra, UFO, Trailtech, Magura, Neken, IMS, Scar, Polisport, Moose Racing, Renthal and others.

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