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Brake Caliper Rebuild

On the K1100LT there are two 4 piston front calipers with non-standard mounting. For our project, we need to install an additional adapter bracket to build new calipers. Such brackets always look foreign on a motorcycle, so we decided to clean and restore the stock calipers.

A quality cleaning requires complete disassembly. When disassembling, it is better to change the pistons oil seals, if their coating is damaged. It is not easy to find a repair kit for calipers for an old motorcycle. All the parts were in good condition, so we just cleaned them.


Since the calipers are old enough, the bolts are rusty and got stuck.

  • Unscrew these bolts only with a quality hexahedron with a long lever.
  • It is better to spray the bolts on both sides with penetrating lubricant.
  • If you can not break the bolt, you can warm it with a burner or a hairdryer - try not to damage the caliper covering.

It is possible to restore the look of the bolts and get rid of the rust with the help of a household, but after that it is better to cover them with a galvanic coating.

It is also important to clean the threads so that the bolts can be easily screwed in!


  • Calipers are cleaned with a dishwashing detergent.
  • Pistons can be easily removed with an car compressor.
  • Before assembly, all tubes must be blown to remove water.
  • Oil seals are washed with a soft brush; it is better to polish the pistons with a paste, if they have oxide or something on them.
  • While assembling pistons, oil seals and a rubber ring are greased. Excess grease is removed from the pistons with oil seals when pressed.

It turned out well! Calipers look much fresher now. Factory coating is in a fairly good condition, so it does not make sense to repaint it. With the new pads, the calipers will work perfectly, and as the main cylinder we will install an ABM 22 mm milled brake machine with an integrated reservoir.

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