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German Stunt Week 2022

11-07-2022 - 17-07-2022

German Stunt Week is one of the oldest annual stunt riding festivals, which traditionally takes place at a former military airfield. Previously, the event was called German Stunt Days, but the riders usually arrived long before the weekend, so the organizers extended the time to a week and changed the name.

The event includes several contests and the main competition for the best stunt show with no regulations, which gives riders the opportunity to show their full potential, as they are not limited by time or rules.

What makes this event unique is the fact that there's a long acceleration lane for the training area, where everyone practices fast wheelies and other stunts.

This year there were a lot of young riders on supermoto. The organizers made separate contests for them: the longest coaster and parkour.

The popularity of supermoto among young people is easily explained: cheaper maintenance, easier transportation, easier riding and versatility.

A few years ago, supermoto stunt riding seemed very limited, but drifting and 360 stunts have made a difference, and now it is possible for them to take part in competitions, especially since there are many high-level riders in Europe.

In Germany, supermotor riders mostly rode along the acceleration lane, but all in different ways: there were highchairs, slalom, coasters, and other different positions.

The Longest Coaster contest surprised with a large number of skilled riders who managed to ride for a big distance. Coaster is a professional stunt that requires control of the rear brake while the clutch is pulled and the bike rides by momentum. At the amateur level, only few people can do great coasters.

The most dangerous contest was the Longest Stoppie. This time not without falls. The organizers put street motorcycles and supermotos compete together, which was not entirely fair. Supermotos are much lighter and it's easier for the riders to take risks.

Parkour is interesting only on street bikes, because such an obstacle course is too easy for a supermoto. There were some very fast rides, but luckily, not a single bike was damaged.

We managed to film the main contest for the best stunt show only partly, because many of them performed in teams of several people. It's great that there was no time limit and no penalty for mistakes, but watching several riders performing different stunts at the same time is impossible. We think that the best way is when one or two riders perform a freestyle or several riders in turn.

German Stunt Week is a well organized event and it's developing, so more participants are expected next year, also on big bikes. For many, this is the only opportunity to meet, practice and win prizes, because the number of stunt events in Europe is declining.

We will try to come for the whole week and spend more time at the training area. The GSW organizers provide the biggest stunt spot in Europe, so there is an opportunity to see something unique!

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