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Differences Yamaha WR450F 2021 vs 2020

In 2021 Yamaha significantly improved WR450F, although at first glance it is not noticeable. The motorcycle has become lighter, more powerful, better balanced. Significant updates: the cylinder head as on modern motocross models, redesigned frame stiffness and more efficient front brake. The complex lightenings have reduced the bike's weight by just 1.3kg, but the bike feels lighter due to better mass centralization and more power throughout the rev range. Overall, in our opinion, the WR is the best enduro on the market for amateur and semi-professional use: the most reliable engine, excellent KYB suspensions, a fan, gauge, headlight, unique technologies allowing to achieve better mass centralization and lightness on the go.

Uncorking YAMAHA WR450F: https://youtu.be/afZW8qHicCg

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