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Wheelie Spider

Wheelie Spider is not a simulator like Wheelie Machine, it's a safety mechanism!

Wheelie Spider is a motorcycle metal support, which insures against tilting and coup in negative wheelie angle.  Wheelie Spider is not a simulator like Wheelie Machine, it's limiter, which allows to make almost natural wheelie on the road, to try clutch, throttle, rear brake control and balancing. The only difference form 100% natural wheelie is side balancing, which is fixed on the Wheelie Spider.  Side balancing is a final step, which should be learned after trainings on Wheelie Spider.

Wheelie Spider is recommended for riders, who can rise up the front wheel with the clutch, make short roll on the rear wheel and can use brake to return front wheel on the ground. Wheelie Spider allows to try and feel the wheelie safe, as close as possible.

Wheelie Spider can be useful for skilled riders to try wheelies in uncomfortable positions, like highchair or switchback.

Any motorcycle with empty rear axle with holes on both sides can be installed. We tried different sportbikes, streetbikes and enduro.

Side arms and wheels can be removed for more comfortable transportation.

Wheelie Spider costs 680EUR, but we can send it only to Europe by UPS, and shipping cost is about 600-700eur.

You can buy blueprints and make it yourself. Prints costs 120eur. 

We use PayPal, to buy wheelie-spider or blueprints - contact info@stuntex.ru

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