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Racetech Gold Valve Shock WR250X

Racetech Gold Valve is a valve for shock absorbers that allows you to adjust the suspension and has a smoother resistance in the extended stroke range. This valve allows for both fast and slow compression, which provides much more stability during acceleration and navigating obstacles off-road. Racetech manufactures valves for a wide range of shock absorbers.  Below is everything you´d need to replace the shock with detailed instructions. The valve configuration is calculated on the racetech website using several parameters: rider weight, motorcycle class, experience, age, etc; as well as how to choose the proper stiffness. Information on settings and assembly is also provided (tightening, tank pressure, etc).


Installation highlights

  • It is not necessary to remove the bulb from the expansion tank unless you want to clean all the parts.
  • To measure the thickness of the washer the caliper is enough. A micrometer is not needed.
  • If the valve height is too big (the last rebound washer is higher than the chamber), call Racetech. They can give you a new configuration of the desired height. It is not recommended to replace the washers by yourself. It is difficult to speculate on what pair of washers to replace with one of the appropriate thickness.
  • If the valve height is too small (the upper base washer is below the chamfer or at its level), then a washer can be added immediately after the lower base washer. It is important that the diameter of the spacer is larger than the first washer in the stack.
  • After tightening the fixing nut, you must wait 15-20 minutes until the thread lock is dry.
    We recommend that you pump dry - longer, but easier. Before installing, be sure to check the air in the system (hissing bubbles when the rod moves). If there is air, it must be lowered through the compression valve, and the valve should be at the highest point.
  • It is advisable to pour oil on a special 2.5W or 5W shock absorber, with a high viscosity index, which retains its properties over a wide temperature range. Fork oil will also work, but in winter or in extreme heat changes it will be noticable.
  • It is better to pump nitrogen into the bulb (it heats up slower and has better retention), but practice shows that the air works normally.
    It is better to pump a bulb one additonal atmosphere, as it will come down a little when the needle is disconnected.
    Make sure to grease the fastening bolts to avoid them binding together.

The result is a rear suspension with fast and slow compression, adapted to the specific rider and riding style. This solution is a relatively cheap alternative to installing a new shock absorber. With different shock absorbers, the valve is dismantled differently - the correct method is specified in the instructions.

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