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TOP10 Tricks Stunt Riding World Championship

Here is TOP 10 tricks from last Czech Stunt Day of 2019 season. We choose the most innovative and unique tricks. The season of 2019 opened a new era of power wheelies in different positions and variations. Fast wheelies looks risky, spectacular, they cover whole spot and needs a lot of skill. That is why TOP 3 are power wheelie circles.

  • 3d Place - Mike Jensen with Nascar Circles, first time in the sport: super fast and wide power curves with outs and change of direction.
  • 2d Place - Joona Vatanen with high chair ring, first time in the sport: power curves with outs in high chair position.
  • 1st Place - Foma Kalinin with power eight in frog to hc position, first time in the sport: power curve  in frogger and jump to high chair position at change of direction, and hc coaster in the end.

Also, we saw mad kangaroo 360 by Mike, risky slides by Joona, shuffle and whip 360 by Foma and Denis Rybalko, super complex switchback drift to wheelie by Pawel Karbownik, great drift bloсk by champion Marcin Glowacki and entertaining no hands headstand by Jakub Kukal.

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