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The top world rider Aras Gibieza decided to try himself as an organizer and held a competition in Vilnius in early October. The general sponsor was RedBull, and Chris Pfeiffer helped Aras judge the tournament. Under the rules of the tournament, riders were given two rides 3 minutes each, the pointsof only the best ride were counted. This way it allowed riders to take risks in one of the attempts and added entertainment to the tournament. The list of the participants was very strong. Karbownik, Vatanen, and Jensen represented the European top stuntriding world. The competition for the pedestal was very tough, a lot of riders gathered with a good level of stuntriding, and each of them could be the winner.


Highlights Stunt Art 2016 (4K)

565 551

Best Stunts & Fails of StuntART 2016

3 874 644

TOP 10 Best Motorcycle Tricks & Combos at StuntArt 2016

9 052 569

Pawel Karbownik rode very hard and coherently, and he took first place. He showed unique acrobatics, excellent kangaroo with access to the wheel, combos and difficult drift.

Joona Vatanen showed the best ride of the season. High speed, difficult long stoppies, dynamic flat stunts, 50/50 jump with exit to power, wild drift.

Mike Jensen showed a dynamic, athletic and at the same time very difficult stuntriding. He could have won, but the stage was too small for the ​​kangaroo 360: during the first ride he lost control, and during the second one he just couldn't do it at all, so as a result other mistakes and time waste.

The discovery of the tournament was the previously unknown Zdenko Rubar (Slovakia), who showed a high level and took 4th place. Before this season, Zdenko did not take part in any major tournaments, and no one expected good rides from him. The tournament had a lot of young Lithuanian stuntriders.

Denis Rybalko, Nikita Pokusay and Dmitry Trukhanovich (Belarus) also took part in the tournament. The best among them was Denis with his 7th place.


1st Place Stunt ART Pawel Karbownik

1 884 347

Furious Joona Vatanen at Stunt ART 2016

16 969 978

[4K] 3d Place Stunt Art 2016 - Mike Jensen (Denmark)

367 247

StuntArt 2016 - Zdenko Rybar - Slovakia

22 122

Paulius Labanauskas - Stunt Art 2016

1 836 391

Sarunas Kezys Stunt Art 2016

110 151

We thank the organizers for the excellent tournament and hope that StuntART becomes an annual competition!

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