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Snowbike Build Honda CRF450RX

Snowbike is a conversion of enduro motorcycle to snowmobile by replacing wheels to ski and track. Video includes detailed installation of Russian Snowbike kit on cross country bike Honda CRF450RX. Installation requires to remove tank, fairing, swingarm with shock, wheels and brakes.

Also, it's is desirable to install thermostat and 7amp battery for use in cold weather. This information can be useful for all bikers who rides in the winter on spikes.
Snowbike has several advantages over a mountain snowmobile:

  • Less weight: you can dig it out and move it yourself.
  • More economical: cheaper and has significantly lower fuel consumption.
  • Stronger: does not suffer so much during falls and upheavals.
  • Easier to operate: no need to learn how to ride and maintenance.
  • More compact: you ride in the forest.
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