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Bike Tips from Finnish Stunt Rider

Niko Sakkinen is a high-level professional stunt rider from Finland. We know him for many years and met at Kuopio Moto Expo in April after a huge COVID break. Niko has an interesting style - a mix of super-aggressive Finnish school (wide drifts and circles, long stoppies, insane burnouts) and technical tricks (kangaroo 360, watchtower, switchback burnout, sit down no hander, scrapes).

In the video, Niko is telling some words about his career and making a short review of his stunt bike based on the new model Kawasaki Ninja ZX636. His bike is closest to an OEM one with the original reinforced frame, fairings, and swing arm. This is untypical for stunt riders who make hard jumps like kangaroo 360.

Niko’s final run from OUEST BIKE SHOW 2019 in France: https://youtu.be/W8EUdtuGAAA

Niko Sakkinen’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sakkinenstunt/

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