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Brake Lines Build on Road Glide

We have installed 23inch front wheel and 2inch longer fork tubes with Legend fork cartridges on Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special 2015 to make wheelie easier. This setup requires longer brake lines from calipers to ABS Module. Here is assembly and installation of brake lines made of HEL components. The procedure is rather complex, because you need to install brake lines twice: to determine the length and after crimping. 

Hel components are very good for custom brake line, as you can bent fittings to any angle. Also, it can be rotated after crimping to relieve torsion stress. These are great advantages!

1:00 Tank removal
1:25 ABS module and brake line removal
2:08 Steel braded brake line build
4:14 Brake line installation
5:13 Brake system bleeding

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