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Best Quad Stunt Rider Training

Grigory Taldykin is the world's best quad stunt rider and the most universal rider in Russia. We came to his training and asked to tell about his favorite whip / shuffle / twister trick. This is a very dynamic trick that fits perfectly into any drift combination and allows you to change direction of movement during freestyle quickly. Griha was the first to make a 360 shuffle with an exit to wheelie - the most complicated derivative of such tricks. Griha also talked about the interesting features of the stunt on the quad, setups, settings and, of course, showed some cool new tricks. Grigory rides KTM 525XC stunt quad.

Griha’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Страница-Григорий-Талдыкин-409824629414428

Order stunt show: https://stuntex.ru/en/moto-show

Time codes:

  • 00:26 What is shuffle, whip, twister
  • 01:43 About physical fitness
  • 03:09 Suspension settings
  • 04:28 Choosing tires for different tricks
  • 05:43 Handbrake setup
  • 06:41 Twisting or thumb throttle, which is better
  • 06:58 Different types of shuffle
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