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Epic Stunt Riding Training

The day before the second stage of the Russian Stuntriding Championship, some participants gathered at the biggest spot in Mytishchi for the last training session. It turned out to be a cool stunt session with tricks that you don’t see at competitions.

Overall, the level is high by any standards, there are stylish unique stunts and rare team performance, which is why we called the training "epic". It will be interesting for all fans of stunt riding to watch!

Best stunts and moments:

  • 00:11 Wheelie park
  • 01:16 Long scrape with sparkles
  • 02:18 Great power wheelie series with the dead spin and the stranger
  • 03:29 Fast wheelie racing
  • 04:38 Whip 360
  • 05:30 Power wheelie circle in the blind side position
  • 05:48 Great bunny hop 360
  • 05:56 Drift series with the side to side skills
  • 06:31 Wheelie chasing across the whole spot
  •  07:12 Fast and loud wheelie coaster
  • 07:42 Power wheelie circles in the spreader
  • 08:12 Double tsunami
  • 08:16 No hands crash
  • 08:24 Serious quad stunts
  • 09:20 Christ on the handlebar of the quad
  • 11:35 Honda Grom drifting
  • 11:49 Whip and shuffle 260 one by one training
  • 13:28 Great stoppie kangaroo
  • 14:07 Highchair scrape
  • 18:12 Drifting with the side leg one by one
  • 20:34 Quad stoppie
  • 20:52 Three stoppie kangaroo synchronously
  • 20:59 Four christs synchronously
  • 21:21 Four wheelie synchronously

Stunt riders in the video:

  • Dasha Harchenko: https://www.instagram.com/stuntgirl.dasha/
  • Pavel Choporov: https://www.instagram.com/zithov_stunt/
  • Dmitri Klimanov: https://vk.com/dimitry22334455
  • Grigory Taldikin: https://www.instagram.com/unicorn_hhf/
  • Nikita Pokusai: https://www.instagram.com/pakus4212/
  • Denis Rybalko: https://www.instagram.com/4212den/
  • Yuri Verhovnikov: https://www.instagram.com/yuryverhovnikov/
  • Kostya Chernoysov: https://www.instagram.com/motokostya/

In addition, cool photos for the 2023 season by Dmitry Petrushin from the famous Moscow spot in Mytishchi .

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