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Motul Stunt Championship in Sochi

03-11-2018 - 04-11-2018

The final stage of the Russian Stuntriding Championship took place in late autumn in Sochi. The season comes to an end by this time, tourists are leaving, and the weather is excellent for some stunt riding. The champion of Russia was chosen after the results of three stages, so the first and second places were already known: Foma Kalinin and Denis Rybalko. The main struggle unfolded for the third place by Nikita Pokusay and Andrei Rakshin. In addition, the Infamous Team arrived in Sochi from Poland, which increased the competition level.

Nothing surprising happened. Foma completed the qualification perfectly and the final was good, which allowed him to take the first place. Denka steadily rode the entire tournament and the second place was given to him. Of all the riders who had a chance to win, the most successful was Danila Zhelanov, who did not make any serious mistakes in the final, and took third place. In a duel for the first place at the end of the season, Andrei Rakshin, who showed a cool final ride, won.


Young Russian Stunt Star

127 718

ZX636 Stunts at Russian Stunt Champ

93 333

Russian Stunt CBR600F4i

129 281

Enjoy ten best high level stunts!

In the Open category the results were predictable aswell: Nikita Prisyazhniuk, Shalal Gafur and Volodia Sosorev took the first 3 places accordingly.


Best Grom Stunts on Youtube

268 446

–°oolest Scooter Stunts by Shalala Gafur

86 712

We asked the riders to tell us about their stuntbikes and favourite stunts during the breaks:

Late autumn in Sochi is perfect timing to see some high level stuntriding. Many experienced riders come here not only to participate in the championship but also to get together and have some fun. That's the time when they are all in a good shape practicing streetkills, training at palm climbing sport and having a good time.

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