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Moscow Stunt Session 2021


The only stunt event in 2021 in Russia took place in Moscow, at the end of August. Nikita (Pakus) Pokusay (@pakus4212) decided to organize a get-together with contests and freestyle at the Mytishchi site. Local riders and we joined in, and we had a cool event with prizes and a positive atmosphere. We didn't expect to see such a big number of participants and spectators, so there were no metal fences and we were later critisized on YouTube for not having them.

We thank Dmitriy Petrushin (https://vk.com/dmitriysaw) for the photos:

We decided not to publish the contests (Drift Limbo, Wheelie Race and Sick Trick) in separate videos, because they are almost the same as in previous years, and the winners are also the same. Dmitry Petrov (@dima_stunt) won the wheelie race the second year in a row. He is the fastest rider on one wheel in Russia who does not use power circles to ride around a barrel. Nikolay Domrachev (@nikolay.domrachev), who rides on the most beautiful CBR600F4i, crashed nicely, launching his bike into pursuit of Zitkhov. In drift limbo everything was random as Pakus made a flimsy bar that broke all the time. We tried to fix it with duct tape and hanging bottles at the edges. As a result, we witnessed several picturesque falls, and the most experienced Mityai won.

The most interesting was to watch the three-minute runs. Two girls were competing: Daria Kharchenko (@stuntgirl.dasha) and Tatyana Titova (@t_stuntlove), but neither of them could show their best. The reason is probably the lack of experience of participating in contests. But in general the freestyles were good.

The first and second places were taken by riders from Oryol: Alexander Chistov (@alexanderchistov) and Vladimir Kutikov. The guys showed quite exciting programs with a couple of great stunts. Alexander showed a real sports stunt riding. His performance was very smooth and was appreciated by both the audience and the judges. Pavel Choporov (@zithov_hhf) had the most stylish freestyle and most packed flow, but it took him three attempts to do a power eight, so there wasn't enough time for the whole program.

Gregory Taldykin's (@unicorn_hhf) freestyle is fully uploaded to our YouTube channel. He performed dynamically and was the only one who showed several professional stunts in one ride: a coaster with a jump, a unicycle, a bunny 180 with a fake, wide powers, no-hands. He forgot to do drift and acrobatics, so he didn't take any place.

Compilation of the best stunts, falls and fails from contests and freestyle:

Highlight with short interviews of participants coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who showed support and participated in the event! Next year we'll definitely do it again and try to gather more participants from all over Russia. Follow our social networks to see the upcoming events!

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