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Interio Stunt Cup


Interio Stunt Cup is the largest annual stuntriding tournament in Russia. This year it gathered together all the strongest Russian athletes. Unfortunately, no other countries were represented. The tournament lastet for one day only: the TOP 15 were selected during the qualifications - those were the ones who were trying to make it to the finals.


Russian Stuntriding Champion - Denis Rybalko

93 944

15 y.o. Prorider - Foma Kalinin, Russia

63 988

Nikita Pokusay - Top Russian Stunt Rider - Interio Stunt Cup 2017

26 376

KTM 690 Duke Stunts

881 023

Stunt Riding - Kawasaki ER6n Ninja 650

138 785

This year, the top three remained the same: Denis Rybalko, Foma Kalinin, Nikita Pokusay. Over the last year, the young rider Danila Zhelanov has gotten much better. Denis came to the tournament as the winner of the last year to prove to everyone that he is still the best, and he succeeded. He didn't make any serious mistakes during his performance. This year he showed the most difficult vip 360, higher tsunami, wider drift, some new stunts in acrobatics, increased speed. Foma did not have enough flow, and Pokusay fell twice in the final. Foma made 360 ​​(without exit onto one wheel), the most difficult unicycle, a coaster scrape, good stoppies. Nikita Pukusay showed an excellent kangaroo, although in the final he made a mistake doing this stunt, a confident switchback burnout, fast "European" exits onto one wheel, and drift. Dmitry Voronkov surprised everyone on KTM Duke 690, he made an excellent kangaroo, vip, drift, and in general his performance was good.


  1. Denis Rybalko (Khabarovsk) - 264,5
  2. Foma Kalinin (St. Petersburg) - 249,5
  3. Nikita Pokusay (Khabarovsk) - 233,5
  4. Danila Zhelanov (Moscow) - 214,5
  5. Dmitry Voronkov (Moscow) - 192
  6. Pavel Choporov (Moscow) - 177,5
  7. Dmitry Novichkov (St. Petersburg) - 177,5
  8. Dmitry Petrov (Moscow) - 173
  9. Alexander Mikhailov (St. Petersburg) - 167
  10. Konstantin Romanov (St. Petersburg) - 141

Highlights of the tournament:

Interio as always brought a lot of good emotions to the audience and the riders. The weather was just perfect which happens very rarely in St. Petersburg. See you all there next year! 

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