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Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 Hyperpro Stabilizer

Steering stabilizer is a must-have device on sport bieks, which have small fork rake and offset for better maneuver capability on curved racetracks. This geometry has low stability on the straight line and is prone to wobbling even with good suspensions on fully functional motorcycles.

Some sportbikes originally have steering stabilizers, but these stabilizers have limited resistance which makes them useless. When there is a lot of resistance, it is difficult to steer at low speeds when the maneuver is done by turning the handlebars hard rather than tilting the bike by counter-steering. For safety reasons and not to let the rider accidentally tighten the stabilizer and get into an accident at the start of the movement, manufacturers adapt the stabilizers for civilian use.

On the Kawasaki ZX636, the damper is not originally installed, unlike the racing version of the ZX6R. This is due to the fact that the rake and offset of the fork on ZX636 are slightly increased, plus the motorcycle is mostly for civil use on public roads, at lower speeds and with simple manoeuvres.

The factory Ohlins is equipped with a drilled adjusting needle, so even when it is fully closed, oil flows through the hole. That is why nothing changes when the adjusting wheel is turned. For the adjustment to work, you need to either seal the hole in the needle, or change the needle.

But even the adjusted OEM Ohlins have a drawback: the oil in the stabilizer is not under pressure, and it foams upon a sharp bump or intense load. Because of the air, the resistance decreases sharply, so you have to tighten the adjustment, but then in a calm state the stabilizer becomes too hard. This is not a problem in civilian use, but it matters when you want to train on your bike.

Telescopic stabilizers, in which the oil is under pressure, are produced by Bitubo, Ohlins, Hyperpro. The most popular is Hyperpro because they are quite cheap, are available for the widest range of motorcycles and have a large comfortable steering wheel. Also, the RSC model is equipped with a fast and slow resistance valve.

The main disadvantage of stabilizers with compressed nitrogen is that it is impossible to service it yourself. You will need a special tool to inject nitrogen. For example, the LSL stabilizer can be easily reassembled at home, there is a detailed video on our website: https://stuntex.ru/article/remont-rulevogo-dempfera-lsl

We are official dealers of Bitubo, Hyperpro and Ohlins. Also, you can order a stabilizer and receive a consultation in our store.

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