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Universal Radiator Fan Kit

MX and cross country bikes are usually not equipped with a radiator fan, but sometimes it’s necessary. Trail Tech produces complete kit for exact motorcycle model and also universal fan kit for any radiator. We installed the universal kit on Yamaha YZ250F 2022 with Moose Racing radiator braces.

The installation is not difficult but there are some notes:

  • before puncturing the radiator cells, you first need to accurately determine the points
  • the fan should be placed in the lowest point for better airflow - in the video we installed it a bit higher, it should be lowered by 1-1.5cm
  • there should be no gap between the fan and the radiator, to avoid air leaks
  • the fan should not touch the radiotor braces, because is case of crash the braces can touch the fan and damage the cells
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