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K1100SX Rear Brakes

The rear brake system had to be assembled from scratch due to the installation of a spoke wheel and a new driver’s footrests. The original caliper K1100LT is not compatible with the wheel from R1100GS, so we had to change the final gear's cover and use the caliper from the GS model. We also couldn't leave the original ьфыеук сндштвук, because then it would be difficult to make a holder on new footpegs that would fit, let alone the size of it.

The brake master cylinder with an integrated brake box was very useful: no need to think of mounting the reservoir on the frame and lay the hose. In our case, it reduced the workload and improved the look of the entire brake system.

We needed a customized brake hose because the system wasn't standard. Stainless steel fittings in this case were the best solution, because they could be bent at any angle. It's hard to make a suitable hose on standard components.

Below you can find our video with the assembly of the system!

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