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Buy Wheelie Machine

We offer a variety of customization options for Wheelie machine production.

STUNTEX Wheelie Machines allow you to return the motorbike from the negative angle back and you can install any sport bike without additional updating. It has huge amount of little things that really make a difference, helping you to use the Wheelie machine with maximum comfort particularly:

  • motorbike installation and removal on your own
  • disassembly for shipping and storage
  • possibility to roll over the Wheelie machine without additional equipment and human resources engagement
  • possibility to set out the Wheelie machine at the appropriate level
  • availability of a kit bag

So far our company has the most extensive experience of Wheelie machine production in Russia. Each time the development of design and quality ranking has been significantly improved.

  • In accordance with your desires we can provide stationary or portable construction based on the car trailer. 
  • For finishing we can use glossy aluminum or metals of different surface structure to lighten the machine and attaching a distinctive appearance to it.
  • Abrasion resistant multi-color coating is used to add a finishing touch to our Wheelie machines. Also solutions with aerography and sign- and-logo writings are possible. 
  • The machine can be equipped with various blowing systems with axial or radial-flow fans of different power capacity. It helps not just to cool the motorcycle but to create tremendous approach flow effect. 
  • Construction has complete split-design.
  • Manufacturing terms varies from one up to one and half month depending on technical requirements and trim level

The cost of static model with near-side wheels to ride starts from 8300 USD.

The cost of transparent model on the base of the trailer starts from 10000 USD

The Wheelie Machine professional drawings designs (blueprints) costs 300 USD

Wheelie Machine is huge and heavy, so we don't provide shipping outside Russia, Also we don't provide documents for customs, as it custom product. You can pick it up only at our shop and organize shipping youself or you can buy blueprints and make it yourself or at factory ib your city,

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